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    FIAT Currency Information

    USA flag

    USD - US Dollor

    USD to BTC Bitcoin is the most widley used FIAT to Crypto currency exchange pair. Followed by USD to ETH Ethereum, then USD to XRP. According to CoinVue metrics. The FIAT currency code for US Dollars is: USD and the currency symbol is: $.

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    EUR - Euro

    EUR Euro to BTC Bitcoin is the second most converted Crypto to FIAT currency exchange pair. Followed by EUR to ETH Ethereum, then EUR to ADA Cardano, then XRP Ripple. As per CoinVue's data insights. The FIAT currency code for EUR Euros is: EUR and the currency symbol is: €.

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    GBR flag

    GBP - British Pound

    GBP British Pound Sterling to DOGE Dogecoin is a high volume Crypto to FIAT currency exchange combination. Followed by GBP British Pounds to DOT Polkadot. Our conversion data metrics indicate. The FIAT currency code for GBP British Pound is: GBP and the currency symbol is: £.

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    JPN flag

    JPY - Japanese Yen

    JPY Japanese Yen to LTC Litecoin & INR Rs. Indian Rupee ₹ to BitCoin are popular converted exchange pairs on the CoinVue platform. The FIAT currency code for JPY Japanese Yen is: JPY. The currency symbol is ¥.

    JPY >

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    Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator
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    Crypto Research

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    Crypto Market News

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    Digital Currency Data

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